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About Shop.HollyLisle.Com

This store is built on two principles: First, that dreams are worth pursuing and living. Second, that those of us who have found ways to make our dreams come true have received help to get where we are, and can pay forward with our knowledge, time, and skills to those who are where we once were. We hope to pass on what we have learned to those who dare to dream, and more importantly, dare to act on those dreams.

The majority of the books on the site (as well as the eventual writing software we hope to host) will focus on helping writers write better to reach their personal and professional goals.

Beyond that, we're developing an e-book publishing program. When it's ready to go, you'll find a link on the store sidebar that will let you know where and how to submit queries, as well as letting your read our contract and other essential information.

We also offer an affiliate program that pays both well and monthly for referred sales; by doing so, we hope to share our success with others.

We thank you for visiting our store, and we hope you'll join us as a customer, author, or team member. Or all three.

We're happy you're here,

The Writers and Affiliates at Shop.HollyLisle.Com

Shop.HollyLisle.Com is a source for high quality electronic books by a variety of authors.

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